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How to be courageous- artful heartfelt discussion

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I’ve been struggling this week on what to post for you all. I have many grand ideas for Ink Chatter, but sometimes #life gets in the way. A little over a week ago, my Grams passed away. It is still raw at times. I’ll find myself tearing up at random moments during the day. I’ll see something that reminds me of her, or I’ll hear a song on the radio that sparks a memory. It is an emotional roller coaster of happy and sad moments. It's a reminder that the people who are left behind are the ones who have to work to overcome a loss. While I’m glad that my Grams is not suffering anymore, it’s still hard. It takes #courage.

Grief comes in many forms, and we all grieve differently. For me, I tend to go silent. I reflect on the life I’m living and think about the things I could or should be doing with the limited time I have on earth. I take stock of my current situation and dream about where I want to be. I also express my emotions or feelings on paper. As a way to grieve, I decided to create something for my Grams.

I started working on a piece almost two weeks ago to represent the woman that is or was, my Grams. I fought through a lot of emotions to get to the finished product. let me tell you it took A LOT of patience. I had to keep a gentle #heart and, most importantly, take care of myself.

I was going to upload a full video process with audio for this painting, but the time to properly edit and provide something great just wasn’t available this week. However, I still want to share this piece because it is what I need to do for my soul right now. I posted a mini process video to Instagram, which I’ve included here, and I hope it gives light to some of the tools, colors, and techniques I used to create it.

The colors are representative of colors my Grams often used in her home. I never asked her if they were her favorite colors; I should have, but I remember them being used a lot in her living room and throughout her home.

I primarily used Copic ink colors V99, 100, BG78, and BG75, along with Jacquard Products copper metallic and 92% isopropyl for a blending solution. For tools, I used silicone brushes, an air bulb, and a travel hairdryer.

I mounted the piece on to a ¾” cradled board and sealed it with Kamar varnish and UV spray. I get asked if I use resin, and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of resin because it yellows over time. I will likely frame this piece as well. I’m thrilled with the finished product. If you guys have questions about it or my process, let me know.

XO Mandy

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