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Mandy studied painting early on in her life, experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Her aptitude for painting started at a very young age starting with carefully colored Care Bear scenes before transitioning to abstraction. Societal pressures to conform to a 9-5 job took her away from her art practice and left her feeling lost for a very long time. Thankfully, she reemerged in 2018 to take up her painting practice again working with inks, pigments, textures, and acrylics. While tempera paint and crayons may be a thing of her past, her childlike disposition and creative imagination are still alive and well.


Mandy currently paints in her home studio in rural Minnesota and approaches art in a reflective and meditative state. Drawing inspiration from her local surroundings and desire to find peace in the chaos of everyday life. She believes freedom happens when you let go of the societal pressures and do what makes you happy.


She has been lucky enough to ship her work all over the world and receive ongoing commissions, which has allowed her to continue to grow and evolve as an artist.


Mandy’s work explores the interchange between colors, the rhythms of nature, and lived experiences. Using her surroundings for inspiration and her desire to find peace in the chaos of everyday life, Mandy incorporates washes of color, texture, and foraged pigments to connect the conscious and subconscious realms she paints from.


She interacts with the canvas in a meditative and reflective state to create emotional landscapes that examine personal experiences, emotional traumas, and therapeutic healing. Her creative process provides a sense of peace in the chaos of everyday life, a connection to hidden realm we all struggle in. 


Curiosity is the driver of all of her work. The color selection, materials, and textures used in her paintings are intuitive conversations between her and the canvas. Each brush stroke, mark, and color is a reflection of her feelings and emotions. She works in various mediums, most recently inks and pigments, to translate her lived experiences and observations. Mandy is continually inspired by her travels and the great outdoors. Her curiosity and desire to learn is the key to her creativity.


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