Is there a room in your home that needs a burst of color? Do you happen to like a particular set of colors but can't find the right piece? Are you in love with intuitive abstract art? Mandy is excited to offer commissioned paintings for her collector, creating custom pieces in her own abstract style. 

Are you ready to commission a painting by Mandy? Please carefully read the entire description below before purchasing a reservation. Mandy looks forward to working with you to create your one-of-a-kind painting!



  1. Purchase the commission reservation listing below for $50. This holds your spot on Mandy’s calendar.

  2. Email the following information to

    • Name

    • Painting size (in inches please) and orientation (horizontal, vertical, or square)

    • Determine whether you want a canvas or yupo paper painting

    • Determine if you would like alcohol ink only or a mixed media piece (refer to art gallery for reference)

    • Provide links or photos to your favorite 2-5 Mandy Marie paintings that you would like to inspire your painting

    • Tell me what *Sparks your soul* - what lights your soul on fire? Maybe a place, type of music, hobby, etc. Tell me a bit about yourself or life experiences (if you're up to it).

    • Provide other thoughts on what you’re hoping to get from your commission. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure a successful commission

      • If you would like me to listen to a specific type of music or musician - let me know!

    • Colors you love

    • Colors you would like me to avoid (this can be left blank)

    • Specify if you are willing to have your piece shown on Instagram during the creative process.

  3. Once you've emailed Mandy the information in step two she'll be in touch with some sample color palettes and additional information.

  4. Once you've agreed to the size, color and price you'll sign commission contract that Mandy sends by email

  5. Painting will commence after Mandy receives the contract.

    • Painting is usually completed within 2-3 weeks of beginning

    • Mandy shares update photos throughout the process.

    • Upon completion of the painting, Mandy will email a final photo, and the collector provides approval or minor edits as needed.

  6. Collector will pay the remaining balance and shipping that will be provided to you by Mandy

    • Commission price is in addition to the reservation price

    • Shipping varies based on the size of the painting

      • If shipping costs are of concern to you, please inquire ahead of time for an estimate

      • Expect shipping prices to be more expensive for canvas paintings

    • Mandy will send the invoice via email, which allows you to securely pay by Paypal or credit card

  7. Once the final payment is received Mandy will ship the painting


  • Once the commission agreement is signed and paid for, there are no refunds

  • Paintings are intuitive and based on the information Mandy gathers from your email responses.

  • Materials used vary depending on request