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Mandy takes on a small amount of select commission work throughout the year. We will work together to create a

custom color scheme and size.

All paintings are done in Mandy’s current style.

A few typical sizes options:

30 x 40”, 36 x 48”, 48 x 48”, 36 x 60", 40 x 60

You also may request a different size.

Mandy prioritizes large-scale sizes and multiple-piece projects.


Please be specific as this will help give us the most accurate vision for your commission. Include color preference, previous work of Mandy’s that you link (use link below), information about your/your home that will offer insight. Tell me what *Sparks your soul* - what lights your soul on fire? Maybe a place, type of music, hobby, etc. Tell me a bit about yourself or life experiences (if you're up to it). Provide other thoughts on what you’re hoping to get from your commission. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure a successful commission; if you would like me to listen to a specific type of music or musician - let me know!

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