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Abstract Alcohol Ink Artists: A New Facebook Group

Hello, there! It’s mid-afternoon in Minnesota, and I’m so excited to announce that I have launched a new Facebook Group for Abstract Alcohol Ink Artists.

That’s right! A group totally dedicated to abstract alcohol ink artists.

It’s a private group where artists and creatives can get together and discuss all things alcohol ink. The page is geared towards people interested in the abstract side of alcohol ink, BUT all alcohol ink artists are welcome. OR if you find alcohol ink super cool and don’t want to try it but want to learn more, JOIN!

I started my business because I wanted to share my art with the world and build an alcohol ink art community. Lately, I haven’t been connecting with artists as much as I would like, and I thought what better way to build community than through a group space where we can get together and ask all the burning questions we have about alcohol ink and share our amazing insights. Great duh moment, right?!

Education is the secret sauce to life people!

So… if you’re looking for a space to start asking questions and gaining insight from other artists, I hope you join me on Facebook. Search ‘Abstract Alcohol Ink Artists’ today and come join in on the fun.

That's all for this week but tune in next week, I'll be reviewing TREX inks- Get Excited!

xo, Mandy

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