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12 Reasons why you need T-REX alcohol inks

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Hey, there! Today I'm discussing one of my favorite alcohol ink brands. If you've been to my page before or visited my IG account, you know I'm selective about my inks, and I mostly use Ranger Tim Holtz inks and Copic Inks. BUT I'm so excited to be talking about another brand that I'm a HUGE fan of, T-REX inks. I mean, hello?! How cute is there name and logo design?!

New to Alcohol Ink?

If you're new to alcohol ink, let me give you a quick run-down. Alcohol inks are transparent, highly-pigmented dyes that can be used on non-porous substrates. Alcohol inks can be used with painting, stamping, fabric dying, resin tinting, jewelry making, and so much more! My preferred method is painting on yupo paper. Legion yupo paper is a synthetic paper made using 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely strong and durable. I'm partial to Legion yupo paper, but other companies on the market make synthetic papers.

An Overview

Okay, now back to T-REX inks. These inks, oh man, the colors are so pure, and when you read up on how Stephen and Tiffani (creators) came up with the names for each color, you can tell they were almost hyper-focused on developing the purest colors. When they talk about the colors, they were careful about making sure the pink (Dragonfruit Pink) wasn't too red or too yellow or that the red (Shiraz Red) wasn't too pink or purple. Let me tell you, they are spot on with the colors!

T-REX alcohol inks come in a starter pack of 12 jumbo bottles, 11 colors, and a bottle of their clear blending solution. The bottles are 20ml jumbo-sized bottles providing 33% more Japanese dye-based ink than other brands. The colors are so vibrant and pure with cute names to boot!

Let's break down the 12 ‘reasons’ you NEED T-REX alcohol inks:

  1. Dragonfruit Pink- it's the perfect sassy, bright pink color. Minimal color bleeding. It's a shocking in your face pink.

  2. Shiraz Red- as I mentioned earlier, this red is not too pink or too purple. It's a solid red you can count on, again, very pure.

  3. Bellini Orange- not too pink or too brown. It reminds me of drinking mimosa's on the weekend. It's a true juicy orange color.

  4. Sunshine Yellow- this color feels like sunshine (aptly named). It's a true warm yellow. Yellow is the most challenging color to nail down, but T-REX inks nailed it.

  5. Irish Moss- [one of my favorites in the group] it reminds me of lush rolling green hills. Like the other colors in the group, it's extremely vibrant, but it's warm with some yellow undertones.

  6. Jurassic Green- Very saturated dark green. Of all the colors, this one has some of the most tonal bleeding. It can have lots of blue and yellow bleeding, and it also has some extra pigment chunks when isopropyl alcohol is added.

  7. Glacier Blue- pure icy blue color, very winteresque. Brrrr.

  8. Tidal Teal- this color sends me back to Jamaica. It is the perfect beachy teal color. It is my favorite in the group.

  9. Deep Sea Blue- an intense bold color that is very saturated. A little goes a long way. It's a vivid blue that is not too navy, too black, too green, or too purple [BIG feat.].

  10. Amethyst Purple- a warm purple that definitely reminds me of the deep purple in an amethyst gemstone. It's an interesting shade of purple because it leans more warm than cool.

  11. Space Black- When using isopropyl alcohol, this color will have some yellow and blue tonal bleeding. However, when using the blending solution, it's a pure black, which is very different from most black inks on the market.

  12. Clear Blender- like any blending solution, this solution is made to blend the inks. It can also help thin the colors a bit (not the same as using isopropyl alcohol).

Ready to Purchase?

Shop Now:

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Check out the video below to see them in action!

There you have it!

If you're curious about other brands or getting started with alcohol inks check my post Getting started with alcohol inks: A review of alcohol ink brands.

If you want to connect with other abstract alcohol ink artists, request to join the Facebook Group Abstract Alcohol Ink Artists.

xo, Mandy

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