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21 Beautiful Copic Ink Refill Color Swatches: Red-Violet Series

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Hey there,

I'm back with two more Copic ink refill swatch videos!

Get ready to view a two-part series covering all of the Red-Violet Copic inks I have in my personal collection.

If you're new to Copic ink, let me give you a short rundown of the company. Copic ink is most widely known for its markers. What is really nice about their markers is they are refillable. The refills contain alcohol ink and can be used for alcohol ink painting. They offer a wide variety of colors (358) to pick from, and that is what makes them unique compared to other alcohol inks on the market.

The Red-Violet series is a total of 29 hues. I have 21 of the hues, and you'll be able to view those inks in the two videos below.

Video one features the following colors:

  • RV00 Water Lily

  • RV02 Sugared Almond Pink

  • RV06 Cerise

  • RV09 Fuchsia

  • RV10 Pale Pink

  • RV11 Pink

  • RV14 Begonia Pink

  • RV19 Red Violet

  • RV21 Light Pink

  • RV23 Pure Pink

Video two features the following colors:

  • RV32 Shadow Pink

  • RV34 Dark Pink

  • RV42 Salmon Pink

  • RV52 Cotton Candy

  • RV55 Hollyhock

  • RV63 Begonia

  • RV66 Raspberry

  • RV69 Peony

  • RV91 Grayish Cherry

  • RV93 Smoky Purple

  • RV95 Baby Blossoms

If you're new to the Copic ink refill swatch video series I'm launching weekly, let me give you a rundown of why I'm doing what I'm doing.

One of the biggest complaints I had when I first started painting with alcohol ink was I couldn't find color swatches for Copic inks.

I know that more resources are available than when I first started painting, but many of the resources require you to scour the web. That's why I've been trying to think of a way to share what I have with others more beneficially, and it is finally happening. I've finally created a swatch video of all of the Copic ink colors I have in my personal collection to share with all of you. I don't have all of the Copic inks (yet), but I have close to 230, which is a fair amount.

Yes, there are photos of the colors available from other artists and even some videos, but this is a video where I swatch each of the colors using 91% iso with each ink and talk about what's happening with the inks in real-time. I even discuss texture and undertones.

Since I'll be doing a series of multiple videos on all of the swatches, I suggest subscribing to my YouTube channel, so you're notified of new videos ;)

Watch the video below to see the full overview and descriptions:

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have ideas for future video feel free to submit them using my contact form

Also, if you're wondering how to decipher the Copic ink number system check out my blog post here:

xo, Mandy

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