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As a self-taught artist and burnout survivor I understand the value of shared experiences and finding something that sparks your soul.


Learn all of the secrets I've discovered over the years and the skills you need to finally learn how to "control" alcohol inks in a private session with me!


I am so pleased to offer Private Virtual Alcohol Ink Art Sessions over Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to help unlock creative energy and awaken the artist within you. One-on-one sessions are for individuals who are wanting to try using alcohol inks or are looking to further develop their ink skills.  

The session is for one hour. You will meet with me over the phone from the comfort of your personal space. 

All you need is your phone with either FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom installed (or alternatively you can use your computer if you prefer), a well-lit space to work in, quiet time, and your art materials. 

If you’re new to Skype please review the steps for downloading:

A list of the required materials will be sent to you after scheduling and making your purchase. 

Here is what can you expect from a Personalized Session:


1. Observe a series of demonstrations as I show techniques and media application step-by-step. I encourage you to participate with me as I go through the steps. 


  • Beginners are welcome! In fact, if you have not done any art at all but have longed to try, this is a brilliant introduction into enjoyable creative expression.

  • If there is something specific you are wanting to learn about the process I use to create, please let me know. 

2. Mindset is an important part of the creative process. I will be sharing motivational insights to empower and cultivate your creative engagement; not only for the workshop, but for a lifetime of rewarding creativity.


Working with alcohol ink is an empowering and stress relieving process that can help you unlock your creative energy and awaken the artist within you. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share and join you on your art journey. 

Places are limited, book today for this amazing opportunity!


Please Note:

The Private Session are copyright protected. The art you create during the session is your and available for you to sell, but you are not authorized to teach the content provided in our session. It remains the intellectual property of Mandy Marie and written approval must be issued to reproduce this content in an instructional manner.

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"I Can't tell you what a difference our conversation made!! I"m really starting to love what I'm producing, and all the little tipsy tricks make so much sense now and I can better adapt and move with the ink."


"Must say...the result is 200% improved with the insight of a pro"


“My one on one session far exceeded my expectations. I was introduced to new techniques with step by step instruction along the way. I was also given the recommendation for several tools to help in the creative process. I was not expecting that and so it was a nice added bonus. I requested a critique on some prior work and was given very good constructive feedback that was extremely helpful. Mandy is an excellent instructor who has a friendly disposition and I would recommend a one on one session with her to anyone interested in expanding their creative horizons.”


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