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            your soul


inspire artists to create artwork from a space of healing and growth

I help collectors find abstract art that speaks to the soul and


I am an avid daydreamer who is passionate about creating artwork that sparks the soul. Art should inspire you to feel and find joy in the simple things life has to offer.


When I'm not creating, I am on a mission to teach and inspire others to find their way back from burnout. I invite all artists to spark their learning and join me as we create space for healing and growth.


If you are looking to add an extra spark to your home or seeking a new artistic adventure, I'm here to help!

Artist & Educator

I'm Mandy:

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need some jewelry for your walls?

I've got some original artworks waiting to find their perfect home and the option for unique commissions

to your walls and your life

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of joy


Your Soul

My work is inspired by the intricacies of nature, Minnesota lake country, emotions, and music. The experience from these inspirations inform the colors and textures that appear in my work.

Bring the unpredictable elements of nature and life into your home.

Looking for something extra special?

Unique, large scale paintings available.

dive into extraordinary

Alcohol ink painting by mandy marie art.

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Mandy shares color palette, timeline, and price. Once confirmed, the process begins

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Mandy sends updates and guides you through the rest of the process.


Bring the wild into your home.
Spark adventure.

My work strives to capture the wild inside us all. The inner child that views the world from a more open perspective. The moments of pure imagination - where you believe that anything is possible.


Abandon your schedule, let go of the stress, and live in the moment.

Live in the wild. 

let's get started!

Learn with Mandy

As a self-taught artist and burnout survivor I understand the value of shared experiences and finding something that sparks your soul. After struggling to learn how to "control"alcohol inks and finding my way back from burnout, I realized that I need to help others heal and grow creatively. Let me save you from years of struggling.

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Join Mandy in a virtual workshop!

Spark your learning and enhance your alcohol ink painting skills.


Unlock your creative energy and awaken the artist within you.


One-on-one sessions are for individuals who are wanting to try using alcohol inks or are looking to further develop their ink skills.

Art Workshops

Not quite ready to commit to an art session?

Free resources and an online community dedicated to helping you learn the basics and master alcohol ink painting are available to help you grow.

Artist Resources

Bring the unpredictable elements of
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