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You Find What 

Sparks Your Soul 

I help collectors find art that speaks to the soul and

inspire artists to create artwork from a space of healing and growth

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about me

Hey there! I'm Mandy, an artist and educator living north of normal in a small Minnesota town.


I am an avid daydreamer who is passionate about creating artwork that sparks the soul. Art should inspire you to feel and find joy in the simple things life has to offer.


When I'm not creating, I am on a mission to teach and inspire others to find their way back from burnout. I invite all artists to spark their learning and join me as we create space for healing and growth.


If you are looking to add an extra spark to your home or seeking a new artistic adventure, I'm here to help!

spark magic

Abstract Art that  

Sparks Your Soul

Creativity for 

Healing and Growth





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