The Chasing Life Collection is inspired by the sweet sound of 90s music blasting through my boom box. Lyrics that brought me back to the days of acid wash jeans, animal prints, and dr. martens. The smooth lullabies of crooners from another time.


Fly (Sugar Ray) was created in the fall of 2020 during a time of personal and global unrest. I was missing my spark, working through high levels of anxiety, and feeling a whole lot of stress. Each time I needed to break free I would step into my studio, crank up the music, and paint. Needing an extra spark of joy I stepped back in time to moments in my life where times were simple. Each piece is named after a 90s song that brought joy and spark into my life.


If you look around your home and feel like you’re missing that extra spark. Let this painting bring a bit of joy into your life home. Let your home come alive.


An original alcohol ink painting, 6x6x2 inches, painted on a wood block


Sealed with varnish and UV spray