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Studio Update: New Abstract Alcohol Ink Art Collection Launch

One of the most beautiful and frustrating parts about living in Minnesota is the seasonal change. The winters can be brutal, but the summers really make it worth staying.

Summer is my favorite season, mostly because I can sit lakeside at my parents' cabin and enjoy the beautiful colors and sounds that accompany lake living.

I have spent all of my summers at my parents' lake cabin, honestly all of them. Even as an adult, I'm at the cabin almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. With age, I've found my favorite time to be at the lake during the week when I can visit the cabin alone.

The lake breathes new life into me every year. It is a time for reflection and relaxation, and during this time, I am the most creative. This year, lake time has been even more important with everything going on in the world. Thankfully I have been able to make a few trips by myself. During my first trip to the lake cabin this year, I started working on the 'Unearthed Odyssey' collection that I'm about to release on July 22nd (July 21st for email subscribers).

In this collection, you'll find some light and playful pieces, as well as some dark and moody pieces.

Eury's Influence is the first piece I created in the series, and it represents the lake more than any piece I've created. To paint you a picture, it's a Thursday; therefore, most people haven't made it lakeside yet, so it's peaceful. It's early morning, so the loons are calling, the lake is calm with barely a breeze. A few fishing boats pass by and wave. Being lakeside is similar to living in the country (as a country dweller, I should know) people wave whether they know you or not. If you hear the phrase "Minnesota Nice," know that it is a real thing. Honestly, though, I think all Minnesotan's are just passive-aggressive, and it comes across as nice, but I digress. Something is comforting about the natural flow of Minnesota living and lake life, and that's what Eury's influence and the collection represent.

Each piece in this collection is based on feelings, moments, and events from my time at the lake, like playful children swimming next door to the calm storms that roll through unexpectedly at night. This collection is a journey, much like the Odyssey, an adventure with many twists and turns. I enjoyed creating this collection. A piece of my heart, a part of my soul, and moment of my life went into each hand-painted piece.

The summer months are fleeting, but the memories last forever. I hope these pieces make it into your homes bringing with them new memories for you to cherish. I don't want to give too much away about each piece because I would rather you created your own story and feelings about each piece. BUT if you happen to purchase a piece and want more information about it, please reach out.

Thanks for stopping by and reading up on my new collection release.

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Have a beautiful day!

xo Mandy




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