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Updated: May 25, 2020

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Comin' at ya with a short post today, heck yeah!

I managed to fit in a few color studies this weekend. Color studies are a great way to explore different color options before beginning a commissioned piece or your actual piece. Sometimes, like with the piece I posted, it turns out well enough to be a piece on its own.

If I don't happen to like the results, a piece could end up as a card because I'm big on reusing or repurposing. I love to make cards for people. I think sending and receiving cards is a lost art and something people should practice more often, but I digress. If I don't like a piece enough to use as a card, I'll see if the backside is available to use for another piece.

For this piece, I combined Copic 100, V99, and E04 with TREX ink in Grapefruit Pink, Ranger Ink in Mushroom, and Jacquard Products Copper metallic. In the end, I wiped off most of the E04 and V99 because I was most interested in Copic 100 mixed with TREX Grapefruit Pink.

I love the fluorescent factor in TREX Grapefruit pink mixed with Copic 100 because when combined, a beautiful shade of purple occurs. Also, if you haven't tried TREX inks, I highly recommend them. They are extremely pigmented and flow really well.

I hope this color study gives y'all some inspiration to explore new colors or brands.

Have a great week!

XO Mandy

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